Tenon seizes the opportunity as the smart lock grows with versatility and ease of use, serving smart lock users ranging from children to the elderly who cover 95% of households. In the emerging stage of smart locks, Tenon adopts semiconductor fingerprint heads and dual-core dual systems to solve the security risks caused by optical fingerprint identification.


As the core component, the mortise lock plays a crucial role in the durability of the smart lock. Tenon places a priority on product quality with a strict and cautious attitude. We send samples to the authoritative testing agencies for certification testing.



High-sensitivity fingerprint reader of smart door locks

High-sensitivity fingerprint reader

Automatic patented mechatronics’ cylinder. Accurate biometric identification, automatic one-touch unlocking of the door.


One-key protection mode of smart door lock is available

One-key protection mode is available

Integrative zinc alloy die casting + automatic patented mechatronics’ cylinder +Double CPUs and Cylinders. Strong tensile force, and multiplicative safety performance.


No stolen passwords thanks to Bluetooth of smart door lock

No stolen passwords thanks to Bluetooth

Access via Bluetooth removes any possibility of your password being exposed to hidden cameras or strangers.


Intelligence of smart door lock is more convenient than you think

Intelligence is more convenient than you think

Automatic one-touch button, convenient for children and the elderly.Safety and reliability are incorporated into the design of every function and detail.