Grow Lights For Vegetables

Due to insufficient light, vegetable seedlings are prone to overgrowth and ultimately affect their yield and quality.  Led grow lights have unique light filling advantages, effectively improve the chlorophyll content and leaf area of vegetable seedlings, reduce plant height and increase stem diameter. Grow lights are conducive to the cultivation of strong vegetable seedlings.


Vegetables Grow Lights

The effect of led lights for vegetables is remarkable. The growth speed vegetables is nearly three times faster than those growing in natural environment. The use of led vegetable lights for greenhouse can grow green vegetables, improve the quality of vegetables and reduce pest problems, increasing output by 30%.


What Color Grow Light Is Best For Vegetables?

There are only two spectra of red light and blue light in the red-blue led grow light, while the full-spectrum led grow light simulates sunlight, emitting white light. Both of them can supplement light and promote plant growth. For leafy vegetables, led grow light with full spectrum is more suitable than the red-blue one.


What Light Is Best For Vegetative Growth?


Vegetable Grow LightsGrowing Vegetables Indoors With Led Lights


Led grow light is specially developed for vegetables. It’s function is to supplement light for vegetables. When the light is insufficient to meet the needs of vegetable growth, it replaces sunlight with light to supplement light for plants. Led grow light for vegetables accords with the principle of vegetables absorbing sunlight.


Can You Leave Grow Lights On 24 Hours A Day For Vegetables?


Generally, leaving led grow lights on 24 hours a day for vegetables is not desirable. Light-dark cycle is of great importance for vegetables to grow properly. During the dark period, vegetables come to the “rest” stage. There are evidence indicating that they do use this period to transport nutrients to their extremities.