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Vacuum Cleaner Filter Fabric

Vacuum cleaner plays a very important role in keeping clean space of residential, commercial and industrial facilities, in where dust, dirt, human/pet hair, debris, mold and mildew will cause various allergies and sick.


Role of Filters and Filter Media in Vacuum Cleaners

All those accumulated airborne particles are picked up by the airflow produced by the vacuum cleaner and are captured by the filtration system to ensure that the environment you live in remains clean. That’s also why it’s so important that a vacuum cleaner must have a filter in it.


Performance of a vacuum cleaner filter mostly corelates with the performance of filter media. Higher filtration efficiency, lower pressure drop and better dust holding capacity finally come to better indoor air quality (IAQ), lower noise level, more suction power, and better durability of a filter.


Advantages Of Mingguan Vacuum Cleaners Filter Media Solutions

Mingguan provides various filter media for filter manufacturers to meet specific requirements from different types of vacuum cleaner. The media materials include PP meltblown, electrostatic staple fiber mat, nano fiber media and PTFE membrane media. All these materials can combine with nonwoven carriers which provide excellent stiffness for pleating filters. Our product portfolio covers efficiency range from middle efficiency (for pre-filter) to HEPA and ULPA grade.