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Compressed air is widely used in various industries. In addition to some major applications, there are also the following industries:


(1) Medical industry: The pneumatic components that drive the mask machine and the melt-blown cloth production process use aerodynamic fiber stretching, high-pressure gas, bottle blow molding, compression and mixing, and carbon dioxide filling. Medical compressed air is widely used in medical and health institutions, and there are many departments that need to use this gas. Generally speaking, compressed air used for medical treatment can be divided into three categories: medical air, instrument air, and dental air. Medical air refers to air that directly acts on the human body to treat and maintain the patient’s life. For example, ventilators and air-oxygen mixers use medical air. Instrument air refers to air that acts on equipment and facilities other than people. For example, the cleaning machines in the sterilization supply center and the assembly lines in the laboratory department use instrument air.


(2) Equipment industry: drive various pneumatic machinery, such as pneumatic picks, rivet machines, presses, elevators, etc.; instrument control and automation devices, such as pneumatic instruments, pneumatic valves, etc.; spray sandblasting, such as paint spray guns, etc.


(3) Automobile industry: Use compressed air for automobile cleaning, water-based coatings, spray painting assistance, automatic stamping, etc.


Application of air compressor in automobile manufacturing: Modern vehicle manufacturing is highly automated. Robotic arms work together to weld and assemble parts into a complete vehicle. Air compressor applications provide air for the manufacturing process.


Fuel cell: The air compressor for industrial use increases the air (oxygen) intake by pressurizing the air entering the fuel cell stack, thereby improving the power density and efficiency of the fuel cell.


Sanding: Similar to polishing. Polish the metal surface particles into a smooth surface to achieve a mirror effect.


Spray painting: The working principle of spray painting equipment is to use compressed air to flow at high speed in the spray gun to form negative pressure to produce an ejection effect. The paint in the paint distributor is sucked into the spray gun through the air pipe, and then sprayed from the nozzle to the surface of the workpiece at high speed with the compressed air flow. , to achieve the purpose of spray painting processing.


Part pick-up: The fully automatic manipulator uses the principle of mechanical connecting rods to pick up the parts and send the products to the mechanical equipment in the product safety area according to the ideal trajectory. The air compressor provides pneumatic drive for the manipulator.


Laser welding: Using a high-power density laser beam to irradiate the material to be cut, the material is heated to the vaporization temperature and evaporates to form holes.


(4) Metallurgical industry: high pressure compressor blasting mining; conveying pulverized coal; conveying combustion-supporting gas, such as blast furnace air supply, blast furnace oxygen supply, etc.


(5) Electric power industry: blowing air to clean pipes, blowing away soot, cleaning boiler and condenser pipes, jet cleaning, sewage removal, pneumatic control, etc.