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COB LED MODULE series, is 95%-100% high color index led. LED COB MODULE to make the outdoor led advertising sign, and commercial lighting building. The cob module series is to improve light spot and light efficiency.


What Is The Difference Between SMD LED And LED?

The main difference with the type of LED is the wide beam angle is almost 120 degrees. SMD LEDs are not very good light effective in downlight installations as they are wide place. LEDs will have some little light spots, but the COB module will be good at this installation.  


How to Dim Your LEDs?

It is a simple way to dim the light, and you connect one LED driver to make it. The different resistors or reduction voltage can dim the brightness.


Why Yu Hong SMD LED Module Manufacturer?


Why Yu Hong SMD LED Module Manufacturer?


Ideal replacement for neon electric lights and another traditional advertising lighting.



What is an SMD LED module?

An SMD LED module is a compact, surface-mount device that consists of multiple surface-mount LEDs mounted on a circuit board. It is designed to provide efficient and versatile lighting solutions for various applications.


What are the advantages of SMD LED modules?

What applications are SMD LED modules commonly used for?

How do I install an SMD LED module?

Can SMD LED modules be dimmed?

Are SMD LED modules waterproof?

How long do SMD LED modules typically last?

Are SMD LED modules energy-efficient?