• $2000

Smart Rental Hanging LED Screen

ONUMEN Smart series foldable hanging indoor LED displays

Thin and light for easy installation.


Unprecedented flexibility, efficiency and visual performance.


Ultra-slim and foldable for time-and-labor-saving installation.


The indoor rental led display takes only 1 hour for 2 people to install a 100 m² screen.


Creative indoor rental led screens are easily available for a more desirable viewing experience.


Smart Rental Hanging LED Screen Video Show

Smart Rental Hanging LED Screen Highlights

Module size: 250mm * 250mm.


360° foldable, hanging installation.


For indoor use IP43 rating.


It has eliminated the disadvantages of conventional LED panels such as large thickness, heaviness and limitation in appearance.


It reduces the cost of installation, transportation, storage, labor, etc.


It reduced occupied floor and space.


Remote control is optional for one-touch automatic lifting and lowering.