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Mingguan Filter Fabric Applications

Filter fabric or filter media exists in all filtration systems which are indispensable parts of your daily life, to keep you away from dust and contaminants in the air and liquid of your house, office, and workplace. Mingguan provides high quality filter media and substantial solutions for various filtration applications.



From low efficiency to HEPA and ULPA grade, we provide various synthetic filter materials for filtration systems in different appliances, including air purifier, vacuum cleaner and air conditioner.



Synthetic electrostatic pocket filter media covers G3 – H11 filtration grade range with different color recognition for pre-filtration of air handling systems.


Face Mask

Authentic PP meltblown can be combined with nonwoven cover layers and meet different national standards. OEM service for finished face mask is also available from us.


Automotive Cabin Air

We provide filter fabric media both for stand-alone particle filters and carbon filters with different combination of spunbond nonwoven, stable fiber cotton mat PP meltblown, and activated carbon.



Clean Room Filter Fabric

Clean Room

H10 to U16 of HEPA and ULPA filter media made of nanofiber or PTFE membrane laminated with nonwovens isolates smallest contaminants and ensures to meet extreme high air quality requirements in clean room.



Industrial Air Filter Media

Industrial Air

Nanofiber and PTFE membrane media with high efficiency and low pressure drop are ideal materials on helping air pollution controls and improving energy consumptions.



Drink Water Filtration Fabric

Drink Water

Our PP meltblown for liquid filtration materials ensures the safety and quality of drink water relies on its excellent ability of removing harmful contaminants.



Pharmaceutical Filter Fabric


Precise filtration efficiency of PP meltblown and PTFE membrane materials help on removing contaminants and bacteria in liquids during pharmaceutical processes.



Filter Paper For Chemistry


Consistent quality of nanofiber and PTFE membrane media with excellent chemical resistance ensure reliability of filtration system in chemical liquids.



Edible Oil Filter Paper

Edible Oil

High quality natural plant-based wood pulp and cellulose filter paper guarantees food safe and helps on recycle use of edible oil in fast food restaurants and food processing manufacturing.



Coolant Oil Filter Fabric

Coolant Oil

Rich product portfolio of nonwovens and wood pulp filter papers provides wide range pore sizes filtration and fulfills different technical requirements in metal processing industries.