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Birefringent Crystals

Birefringence is an optical property exhibited by materials whose refractive index varies with the polarization and direction of light propagation. These optically anisotropic crystal materials are said to be birefringent crystals. OST Photonics offers several birefringent crystals such as YVO4 and a-BBO crystals, etc.

What Are the Applications of Birefringent Crystal?


Birefringent crystal is an important photoelectric functional crystal material, which is widely used in the field of optical polarizer, optical modulation and nonlinear optical technology.


FAQS about Birefringent Crystals

What Is Birefringence?

When a beam of light strikes an interface of crystal, it typically generates two refracted beams, which is known as the phenomenon of birefringence.


Which Crystals Have Birefringence?

Calcite(CaCO3), YVO4, Alpha-BBO, Quartz, MgF2 and LiNbO3 crystals exhibit birefringence.