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Mobile Air Compressor

ABT supplies a variety of mobile air compressors for applications in some field operations which requires frequent movement and large dust. So all of our mobile mechanic air compressors: portable air compressor, small diesel air compressor, portable electric air compressor, skid mounted air compressor has the following characteristics:


1. Openable door design is adopted to facilitate daily maintenance.

2. Efficient and multi-fuel filter + water separator effectively prevents impurities and water from entering the engine and prolongs the service life of mobile diesel compressor.

3. High-performance, three-stage air filters prevent dust particles from entering the nose and engine of to electric mobile air compressors ensure that the power core runs in a good environment.

4. The mobile air compressor includes small compact air compressor, diesel mobile air compressor, skid mounted diesel air compressor has strong temperature adaptability and can work outdoors (-25 degrees to 40 degrees).

For surface and subsurface mining, Our mobile mining air compressor can be used as a viable source for powering drilling and piling machinery, pneumatic tools, material conveyors, and ventilation systems, etc..


Portable Small Air Compressor for Sale

Portable Small Air CompressorANBIT small portable air compressor is usually used in construction, urban road construction, sandblasting and shot peeling.

Portable Small Air Compressor

ANBIT Portable Small Air Compressor has smaller capacity tanks and handles or wheels that allow you to easily move them to different work places. These are smaller than stationary models and come in a few styles: pancake compressors have round, level stockpiling tanks mounted on the base of the units. The small compact air compressor can be utilized in construction, urban road development, sandblasting, shot peeling, fill gas cylinders, flexibly clean air to jumpers, drive pneumatic HVAC units, power pneumatic devices like drills, and force mechanical cycles like oxidation of oil, and so on..


Diesel Mobile Air Compressor for Sale

Diesel Mobile Air CompressorThe diesel mobile air compressor uses diesel as a power source and is easy to use in field operations.

Diesel Mobile Air Compressor

Our energy-efficient portable compressors uses diesel as a power source, which are designed to maximize the run time and minimize fuel refills. It occupies small space and is lightweight and adaptable. Plus, the portable compressor is engineered to stay pressure and flow constant throughout operation, ensuring fast and performance under any conditions.

No matter your industry, our portable compressors can provide efficient, reliable operation to satisfy your compressed gas needs. you’ve got several differing types of portable air compressors to settle on from, and that we are here to assist you create the simplest decision for your company.

You can apply portable diesel industrial air compressor to applications such as: mining, road construction, railway, shipbuilding, water conservancy, urban construction, energy, etc..


Electric Mobile Air Compressor for Sale

Electric Mobile Air CompressorElectric mobile air compressor is powered by electric motor.

Electric Mobile Air Compressor

ABT provides portable electric air compressors with handles and wheels for convenient transport to and round the jobsite. they will be used with spray guns and pneumatic tools, like nailers. The electric mobile air compressors can be used to fill gas cylinders, supply clean air to divers, drive pneumatic HVAC units, power pneumatic tools like jackhammers, and power industrial processes like oxidation of petroleum.


Skid-Mounted Diesel Air Compressor for Sale

Skid-Mounted Diesel Air CompressorThe skid-mounted diesel air compressor has a skid-mounted base, which is convenient to connect with other transport equipment.

Skid-Mounted Diesel Air Compressor

ABT Skid-Mounted Diesel Air Compressor adopts high-standard and precision components to ensure long service life with high performance. The skid mounted compressor has a heavy-duty and energy saving diesel engine for processing the compression element in accordance with the highest standards. With the skid-mounted base, the skid mounted compressor is convenient to connect with other transport equipment.