PETG Plastic 3D Printing

PETG Plastic 3D Printing

As a new 3D printing material, PETG has the advantages of ABS and PLA,  First of all, PETG has a low shrinkage rate like PLA, and warping in 3D printing is relatively small, so it is much easier to print than other printing materials such as ABS. PETG also has high impact strength and good toughness like ABS (when the object is affected by an external force, it will be deformed and is not easy to break). So if you want to 3D print easily and you want ABS properties, PETG is a good choice, In price, it will generally be slightly more expensive than PLA and ABS. In terms of color, there are many kinds of PETG colors on the market, such as green, blue, orange, and so on.


PETG Plastic 3D Printing Material Properties


Durability Properties

Strength Properties

No Smell Properties

Low Shrinkage Properties

Good Adhesion Properties

Recycled Properties


Print the advantage of Nylon Durability Properties

PETG 3D printed materials provide a high level of durability. This makes it the perfect choice for a wide range of uses such as food containers and tools in the medical industry. We add 7z diol. It can eliminate brittleness caused by PET. As a result, it prevents 3D printed materials from crystallizing and cracking. And the durability of PETG includes high impact resistance, which again making it ideal for many different uses.


PETG Materials Info

Advantages of PETG line


high transparency, light transmittance reaches 90%



high gloss



temperature resistance, can be used for a long time at a temperature above 80℃



high precision line, diameter standard deviation ≤0.05mm



low shrinkage, stable size, low warpage, printing the bottom of the small area of the model, can not heat the bottom plate, strengthen the applicability of the printing model



between layers of good adhesion, good impact resistance, the model can be cut, cut, drilling and other processing



thin wall model will not stress whitening.



low hygroscopicity, as long as through simple dustproof protection can be preserved for a long time



The printing temperature is high, the hot bed needs to be heated, higher requirements for the printer


Printing requirements of toughness and high strength of the model, such as pendants, etc


Print models that need follow-up processing, such as hollowing, drilling, screw assembly, etc.


Material is safe, hygienic, relatively high temperature resistant, can be used to make daily necessities, such as dental cups


Printing needs both heat resistance and high transparency of the model. Such as lampshades