• $1500

Plastic Floater/HDPE Pipe Floater


1. 2pcs per completer floater

2. Floaters under the size of 4m(O.D.)X4m(L) are all available


Applications of Plastic Floater/HDPE Pipe Floater


Plastic/hdpe pipe floaters have several applications in offshore and marine industries. They can be used to support pipelines, hoses, and cables during dredging, drilling, and oil and gas exploration operations.


Plastic floaters can also be used for marine aquaculture, fish farming, and in the transportation of liquids and gases through pipelines.


They help prevent pipe and hose damage and ensure stability in rough marine environments.


Additionally, they can be used in the installation of floating docks, platforms, and buoys, making them versatile equipment for marine and offshore operations.