PM MPO Jumper Fiber Optic

PM MPO patch cord is a kind of multi-core PM fiber that is fanned out and connected to MPO connector. Normally, this kind of MPO jumper can transmit multiple polarization-maintaining optical signals and keep their polarization orientation unchanged at the same time.


PM MPO Jumper Features


Fiber count: 8, 12, 16, 24






Key orientation: Any


Multiple options for connector type


IL: 14.2/0.8dB


PER: >20dB


How It Works

Capable of transmitting line polarized light, polarization MPO jumper can effectively ensure the direction of linear polarization and greatly improve the coherent signal-to-noise ratio. Moreover, it is also able to realize the high-precision measurement of physical quantity.


MEISU’s PM PMO patch cords are offered in PANDA fiber with custom key orientation. They are available in FC termination in either UPC or APC polishing with customized length options.