T&S has a profound optical process foundation on passive WDM devices; it has unique process technology in optical coating, optical element polishing, optical coupling and optical parameter testing, and is equipped with advanced automatic optical coupling and testing platforms. Provide highly reliable WDM series of products.



T&S TFF WDM is based on Thin Film Filter (TFF) technology. Our Filter-Based WDM product family covers following wavelength windows commonly used in optical fiber systems: 1310/1490/1550nm (for FWDM Device), 1271~1611nm (for CWDM Device or Module), 1525~1565nm (C_band for 100G/200G DWDM Device or Module) and 1269.23~1318.35nm (for 800G LWDM Device or Module),  1271±3.5~1371±3.5nm (for  MWDM Device or Module) and 1270/1310/1490/1534/1577/1610/1650nm (for  Cex-wdm Modules, including GPON, XG-PON, NG-PON2 and OTDR )



Instead of taking a thin film filter to mux or demux wavelengths, PLC type achieves the same goal by using chip PLC, which uniformly divides and guides light with different wavelengths. At T&S, we currently provide multi-channel AWG DWDM Modules and 4ch CWDM/LWDM Devices.


1525~1565nm (C_band for 100G multi-channel AWG Module) and 1271~1331nm&1295.56~1309.14nm(for PLC CWDM4&LWDM4 Devices, it used for 4×10 Gbps CWDM TOSA&ROSA for QSFP+  or  4X25 Gbps LAN-WDM TOSA&ROSA for QSFP+