Industrial PCs

Emdoor Industrial PCs has rich experience, which can meet the different performance or complex interface needs. Stable performance, mature applications and high-performance industrial-grade processors to ensure the stability and reliability of industry applications. Embedded installation, support wall-mounted or embedded installation, adapt to equipment installation forms in different scenarios. Multiple installation methods to meet different scenarios. The range of customization is large, the peripheral interface of the product and the screen size can be selected according to customer needs, and the adaptability is strong. Mainly used in automated factories, rail transit, energy, power and other industries.


Types of Industrial PCs


Features of Industrial PC

Good compatibility 

Industrial PC offers multiple operating systems, the Windows OS, Android OS and Linux OS can be selected according to different application demands.


Industrial application

Industrial PC supports a variety of legacy and new input output (I/O) ports, including serial ports, USB ports, video display ports, network ports, GPIO, etc., for more robust computing operations and industrial applications.



FAQs of Industrial PC


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