Sanding Machine


Suitable for precise sanding after flat plate painting. the structure is thicker, stable and more accurate.


Polishing Machine

This machine is suitable for the grinding of flat plate primer after painting or spraying drying, which can not be satisfied because the thickness of the plate is uneven or the special-shaped plane can not be satisfied after the primer is sanded.


Steel Wire Brush Machine

This machine is mainly used to make the texture of the deepening board, and make the texture clearer and more natural stereoscopic. with the use of burr remover, the surface can be treated cleanly.


Do sander dust collectors work?

It is of great necessity to collect dust from such sanders as denibber/denibbing sander and moulding profile sander. Large amount of harmful dust particles will be discharged during the working process. Collecting the dust is very important, otherwise, your heath will be under risk.   


What type of electric sander is best for furniture?

There are various industrial sander machines, such as heavy duty sanding machine, flat sander machine, cabinet door sanding machine, etc. Wood brush finishing machine or wood floor polishing machine is the ideal electric sander for doors, cabinets, and other furniture.    


Attentions for using wire brush sander?

Person who uses the metal brush sander must be a trained professional for safety’s sake.

Before beginning the wire brush for sanding metal, check that the protective cover and auxiliary handle is not loose .

When installing the grinding wheel, ensure that it is kept dry and without missing corners.

Check whether there is electric leakage or damage to the power supply.

 How to Sand Wood Faster

A second wood sanding and polishing machine doubles the efficiency.

A clean surface of your wood brush finish machine improves the productivity.

Always remember that “slow and steady wins the race”, and music makes work easier.

Paper with high quality speeds up the pace.