Security Product

After every single detail of the electronic device has been finished for the design and engineering, we will prepare for production. The needed electronic components will be purchased from our reliable suppliers globally. First article, small, medium and large serial production are accessible to your security product. HX technology is devoted to providing various high-quality security products, including IP camera circuit board, IP camera PCB board, security PCB, monitor PCB and so on.


IP Camera Circuit Board Solution

With the strengthening of people’s security awareness, PCB security products become more and more important. People are inclined to buy security products, especially surveillance cameras. In addition to various industries PCB security products and solutions, providers also have the demand for surveillance cameras. The overall trend of demand for IP camera circuit board is on the rise.


PCB Security in Internet of Things

Video capture equipment as an important part of traditional security, in addition to its own video elements, it is early began to “Internet of Things”, such as RFID cameras, 4G cameras, 2.4G/5.8G wireless cameras, UWB cameras, Lora cameras, floor display cameras, etc. PCB security can even be said that the integration of fire protection, various types of noise, environmental weather elements. Other types of sensor data security platform is a small prototype system for the Internet of Things, but the scope is limited, and more applications of PCB communication have not been explored. HX technology can provide your custom PCB security solutions.


Advantages of HX Technology PCB Security OEM

All circuit board processing must go through IQC incoming inspection, IPQC process inspection, OQA factory inspection and other important process steps.


Engineers team is required to make constructive improvement suggestions for DFM manufacturability inspection and engineering processes in the production process to effectively improve PCB security product quality and production efficiency.


HX Technology implements a quick response mechanism to respond to any abnormal situation of PCB security within a short period of time.


Effectively monitor the PCB security production planning process to ensure delivery time.


HX Technology adopts protective and safe packaging to ensure the safety of PCB security products in transit.