Industrial Managed Ethernet Switch

What Is H3B Industrial Managed Ethernet Switch?

Network Switch connects different equipment by packet switching to forward and receive. It processes data from one device to another ending device with certain speed and transmission rates. Managed switch targets on the data transmission to a specific device instead of transmitting to all ports on the devices. It allows you to configure and gives priority on certain ports. They can also allow you to monitor the network traffic on certain LAN ports and control certain access according to your needs. H3B offers a wide range of engineered manageable industrial switches to ensure reliable performance in all kinds of harsh industrial environments.


H3B industrial managed gigabit Ethernet switches are with extraordinary performance with different copper/fiber connectors to support high bandwidth applications demands. On the basis of unmanaged models, it offers the possibility to establish a customized and smart network according to the deployment requirements.


How Does H3B Industrial Managed Ethernet Switch Work?

H3B managed Ethernet switches offer a reliable way for our customers to build and expand their industrial network quickly and efficiently. H3B managed Industrial Ethernet switches provide fast Ethernet, gigabit and 10G combo ports as well as all kinds of network protocols, such as SNMP, Web-management, and Ethernet/IP, etc. Besides those, we offer devices with advanced Ethernet management features including VLAN, IGMP Snooping, QoS, trunking and port-mirroring. With the help of those management functions, our managed series device is the ideal solution for numerous industrial network deployments.


All H3B managed industrial switches come with detailed configuration manuals. In application scenarios that require management functions, it will do great help. Except for quality control, we’ve also put great effort into the service. With the development, we will release more high-quality and price-competitive managed industrial switches in the near future. It will be a great choice to choose H3B. Looking forward to win-win with all of you together.