Industrial POE Switch

What Is Rugged POE Switch?

In addition to network data transmission, a PoE Switch device is with a built-in Power over Ethernet injector to offer up to 100W Power over Ethernet ( PoE ). It ensures the power supply to devices such as IP cameras, VoIP phones, and wireless access points based on the standards of 802.3af, 802.3at and 802.3bt. H3B developed standard POE devices, rather than old generation POE. When other network devices are connected to our POE devices, the switch will detect whether they are POE-compatible or not. If yes, it will automatically supply power, otherwise, the power supply will stop to avoid the burning of ending equipment. By installing an H3B PoE Switch, it can help save lots of installation and maintenance costs by removing the need to install additional electrical wires and outlets. Besides, customers no need to worry about the burning from compulsive power supply as the old generation of POE products.

What Can H3B Industrial POE Switch Do for Us?

H3B Industrial POE switches are compact DIN-Rail PoE Switches, which are designed for the application in POE needed industrial environments. H3B PoE Industrial Switch series are classified as Layer 2 Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE). The unique design with 100% brand new and pre-examined components, makes it a perfect choice for the use in the following scenes:


Oil & Gas


Urban Infrastructure


Safe Campus


Industrial & factory automation


Marine & mining


Rail & ITS


What POE Options Can H3B Outdoor POE Switch Offer?

After years of hard work, H3B developed a full range of PoE/PoE+ switches with up to 24-port fiber optic Gigabit PoE+ ports. In order to power high-power equipment over long distances, we also developed models with up to 60 W output per port. In addition, these PoE Switches are defined as Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE). While Ethernet data transmission, all H3B Industrial POE switches are able to provide up to 30 watts of power to the PD(Powered Devices) sides, such as IP phones, IP cameras and all kinds of wireless access points.


With a compact industrial-grade design, our industrial PoE switches provide surge protection of 3 kV per LAN port. Furthermore, all H3B industrial POE switches are with compact IP30 housing designs to survive the dusty outdoor industrial sites.