Industrial Ethernet Solutions

What Is Industrial Ethernet Solutions?

Industrial-grade Ethernet switches are switches that transmit data from Ethernet, which uses a local area network that shares bus-based transmission media. Industrial-grade switches are functionally similar to industrial network communication, such as interconnectivity with various field buses, redundancy of equipment, and real-time equipment, while the performance differences are mainly reflected in the different parameters adapted to the external environment.


Industrial-grade Ethernet switches are mostly used for real-time Ethernet data transmission under complicated industrial environments. Ethernet is firstly designed to be with carrier listening multiplexed collision detection (CSMA/CD mechanism), which reduces the reliability under harsh industrial environments. So simply Ethernet transmission cannot fulfill the requirements for industrial needs. H3B Industrial-grade Ethernet switches are applied with storage conversion switching. In this way, it improves the data transmission speed and monitors network situation with its unique built-in intelligent alarm design. All of those enable reliable and stable operation of Ethernet, even under harsh and dangerous industrial environments.


Why Do We Need H3B Industrial Ethernet Solutions?

H3B industrial Ethernet switches can be applied in all kinds of applications. After year’s research and development, we’ve developed a mature production line with top material supply and strict quality control. H3B Industrial Ethernet can be found in all kinds of industrial applications all over the world. Generally speaking, Industrial-grade Ethernet switches are typical with several to dozens of ports. Industrial-grade Ethernet switches are basically a multi-port second-layer network device based on bridge technology. We offer different ports rates for various network needs. There are 10M 100M 1000M 10G products for different application needs. We also provide half-duplex, full-duplex, and auto-adaptive working methods. We are dedicated to top-level industrial Ethernet switches which can offer low latency and low overhead access for the forwarding of data frames from one port to another.


How Will H3B Industrial Ethernet Solutions Help Us?


H3B Industrial Ethernet solutions presents mature product options including managed and unmanaged switches series, Gigabit Ethernet switches, PoE switches(IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at), protocol switches, as well as various SFP modules with wide compatibility. The environment of outdoor industrial sites is much harsh than the indoor environment, at least the vibration, moisture, the temperature is totally different from the common indoor environment. Commercial switches are not designed to resist the complicity of various conditions in the industrial environment, not to mention stable function under such circumstances. H3B Industrial Ethernet switches are built for high network flexibility, cybersecurity, and durability and are suitable to use in mission-critical environments. Additionally, with multiple industrial certifications, our industrial Ethernet solutions not only provide the highest network reliability for Ethernet hubs and network switches to meet current industrial communication standards, but are also energy-efficiency, durability, and robust.