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Silicone Rubber Products Application

DHAYL high tear silicone rubber sheet adopts the world-famous brand of high-quality silicone vacuum membrane raw materials, technical cooperation with foreign professional companies, the use of advanced industrial technology and special equipment joint research and development, product stability is high, good reliability, specialized in the solar laminating machine and other equipment.


With its highlight property like Long service life, 6000-8000 times, Oil resistance, aging resistance, Strong tear resistance, High resilience. High temperature and high-pressure resistance, Nontoxic, tasteless, and environmentally friendly.


Uses of Rubber Silicone Products

A vacuum silicone rubber bag for laminated glass is an important part of vacuum equipment for strengthening glass. The vacuum principle is adopted to make the glass in the vacuum bag expel air without bubbles. Vacuum pressure (so there is no need for autoclave) is used to make the glass under pressure and melt the film at high temperature so that the laminated materials (such as silk, paper, cloth, drawing paper, etc.) and the glass can be firmly bonded together to form a whole, so as to achieve the purpose of practical decoration, explosion-proof, safety, and reliability


Our silicone membrane for vacuum press is a pre-coated or instant-coated laminating machine, or different product laminating processes, such as paper (photo) laminating, board (KT) laminating, furniture (doors and windows) laminating, agricultural (surface) laminating and others. Wholesale rubber silicone products directly from silicone membrane suppliers.