• $2000

Sliding Door

Product Detail

The materials of aluminum sliding doors are aluminum and glass, in terms of cleaning is also relatively clean, it is indeed the kitchen, bathroom, toilet and other occasions of the product.


Model Number          Venice

Aluminum profile

Material: Aluminum alloy

Thickness: 1.4mm

Surface treatment: Powder coating, anodizing

Color: White, grey, champagne, gold, wood grain



Type: Single, double, triple, tempered glass, low

Color: Cleanr, green, blue, frosted, feflective, low-e glass

Thickness: 4-12mm



United States brand – CMECH

Chinese top brand


Parking ways

Protectitive film, bubble inserted, hard enough cartons, then wood pallet if needed,or any otherways as requested.


Product Feature

excellent waterproof, heat insulation, sound insulation

the strength value of wind resistance is large, suitable for high building.

double / three track frame structure available for your selection, frame and door leaf all have special drain tank design.