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Network Cable

The network cable is the medium for connecting the LAN. Holly electronic network cable refers to twisted-pair line, is composed of many lines of data transmission line, twisted-pair line is common with class 5 and super class 5 line, class 6 line, and the latest class 7 line.


Network Cable Features


Forming Network Cable, Plug and Play

Waterproof/anti-wear imported POLYETHYLENE (LDPE) /PVC, inner insulation low smoke halogen-free protective PVC skin, with high tensile strength and elongation characteristics.



Intertwined Purposes

Twisted-pair cable winding each other is the use of copper wire offset current produced by the electromagnetic field interact with each other in the adjacent line interference and reduce interference from the outside world.



RJ – 45 Crystal Head

UTP network cables are connected with RJ-45 crystal connectors. The RJ45 connector is a plastic connector that can be inserted in a fixed direction and automatically prevents falling off. The connection mode of the contact point and network cable varies according to the network speed and structure standards.


Applications of Network Cable


Classified into shielded network cables and unshielded network cables.


The shielded network cable is mainly used in some occasions with strong interference, serious electromagnetic radiation, and high requirements for transmission quality. This is because the shielded network cable can reduce radiation, prevent information from being eavesdropped, and play a shielding role.


Unshielded network cables are often used in homes because they cannot block interference.


RJ – 45 crystal head


Gold plating is usually used to enhance contact performance.