Supply Chain Management

Nowadays, the manufacturing industry, especially the high-tech industry, is not only the competition of prices and products, but also the overall high-quality improvement of services, logistics, and operational efficiency, as well as the competition of logistics strength, which need the best supply chain management and distribution and supply chain management with a good chain management system.




As a supply chain management services company, we are aware of the severity of the current situation, so we pay attention to supply chain operations management and transportation in the supply chain management process and studying logistics and supply chain management to meet supply chain management demand while focusing on the traditional international loan agency industry. Good grassroots organizations, advanced systems, optimized operating procedures, networks throughout the country and abroad, well-trained staff,  the best supply chain management programs, good supply chain management, and effective supply chain strategies ensure that we can provide customers with types of high-quality and low-cost supply management services.




As one of the professional global supply chain companies, Realhong focus on customer service in logistics and supply chain management, understanding supply chain management and factors influencing supply chain management, taking strategic planning in supply chain management, making supply chain risk analysis, managing quality, and operations across the supply chain, integrating the supply chain in order to be one of top sustainable supply chain companies and the most innovative supply chain companies.


Supply Chain Management Process


Each phase of a product’s movement through the supply chain operation management has its processes. The first process of supply chain management is to find out customers’ needs, which is the early stage of supply chain planning.



Two primary categories of of supply chain performance management are supply chain planning and supply chain execution.


Importance Of Supply Chain Management

Effective logistics management and supply chain managed services can create important impacts on enterprises and consumers. Logistics management and supply chain management can help enterprises improve customer satisfaction by ensuring the products are available to customers at the right location and suitable time. Moreover, strategic supply chain management can also help companies decrease operating costs by reducing the cost of joint quality management, purchasing, and production in the supply chain.


Logistics VS Supply Chain Management

Even though people are often confused with logistics and supply chain management, these two terms are actually two different concepts. Logistic management is a very important component of supply chain management. Logistics involves activities such as packaging, transportation, distribution, warehousing, and delivery in the supply chain system. While supply chain management manages a wider range of activities. Therefore, supply chain management includes the process of procurement, production, and purchasing, and involves in different fields, such as the in-service sector, pharmacy, pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing industry, hospitality industry, food industry, and construction industry.