Telescopic Working Platform 39-44M


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Travelling System


Axis Oscillating: driven by hydro-cylinder , the wheel axis oscillating can fully ensure stability of the whole machine when working.Four-Wheel-Drive and Solid Tires: four turning modes including front-wheel, rear-wheel, front &rear turning and slanting drive, powerful gradeability.

Electrical Controlling System

Automatic Range Restrictor: safety alarm, auto speed-limiting and range restriction function which is controlled by intelligent system.

Advanced CAN-BUS Controlling Mode: simple circuit,, easy maintenance and excellent reliability.


Telescopic Working Platform 39-44M Main components list


NO Name Brand

1 Engine Cummins from JapanOR Perkins fromUK

2 Variable pump Rexroth from German OR SAUER fromUSA OR Sam fromItalyOR Eaton fromUSA

3 Gear pump MARZOCCHI fromItalyOR SALAMI fromItaly

4 Travel motor Rexroth from German OR SAUER fromUSA

5 Travel reducer Rexroth from German OR Reggiana Riduttori fromItalyOR PMP fromItaly

6 Hydraulic valve Oil-control from ItalyOR Hydroforce fromUSA

7 Rotary motor HELAC fromUSA


GTBZ39 & GTBZ44Z Telescopic Boom

Measurements Specifications



Working height maximum * 41m 135ft 43.7m 143ft

Platform height maximum 39.3m 129ft 42m 138ft

Horizontal reach maximum ** 21.5m 60ft 23m 75ft

Below ground reach 4.8m 15ft9in 6.2m 20ft4in

A Platform length-8ftmodel 0.91m 3ft 0.91m 3ft

Platform length-6ftmodel0.76m2ft6in0.76m2ft6in

B Platform width-8ftmodel 2.44m 8ft 2.44m 8ft

Platform width-6ftmodel1.83m6ft1.83m6ft

C Height-stowed 3.1m 10ft 3.11m 10ft

D Length-stowed 13.65m 45ft 13m 42ft7in

E Width –axle retracted 2.49m 9ft 2.49m 9ft

Width –axle extended3.9m12ft8in3.9m12ft8in

F Wheelbase 3.96m 13ft 3.96m 13ft

G Ground clearance-center 0.43m 1ft5in 0.43m 13ft


Lift capacity (restricted) 480kg 1056lbs 480kg 1056lbs

Lift capacity (non-restricted) 340kg 748lbs 250kg 550lbs

Platform rotation 160° 160°

Jib rotation — 135°

Turntable Swing 360°continuous 360°continuous

Turntable tail swing-axle retracted 1.82m 6ft 1.82m 6ft

Turntable tail swing -axle extended 1.11m 3ft7in 1.11m 3ft7in

Travel speed -stowed 4.4km/h 2..73mph 4.4km/h 2..73mph

Travel speed -raised or extended 1.1km/h 0.68mph 1.1km/h 0.68mph

Gradeability -stowed (4WD/2WD) 38%/27% 38%/27%

Turning radius – axle retracted inside Turning radius – axle retracted outside 3.13m 10ft4in 3.13m 10ft4in


Turning radius – axle extended inside Turning radius – axle extended outside 3.13m 10ft4in 3.13m 10ft4in


Controls 24V DC Proportional 24V DC Proportional

Solid tires 385/65D 22.5 385/65D 22.5


Power source Cummins B3.3 80 HP (60kw) Lovol 1004-4 78 hp (58kw) Perkins 400 76 hp (56kw)

Auxiliary power unit 24V DC 24V DC

Hydraulic tank capacity 265L 265L

Fuel tank capacity 150L 150L


2WD 20820kg 45800lbs 21120kg 46460lbs

4WD 20900kg 45980lbs 21200kg 46640lbs



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