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Cleaning Truck

Manten group’s Cleaning trucks are divided into road cleaning series and sewer cleaning series according to different use scenarios. Sweeper truck, road cleaning truck and vacuum road sweeper are mainly used for urban road cleaning. Vacuum truck, sewer jetting truck, road washing truck and fecal suction truck are mainly used for sewer cleaning.

Why Choose Cleaning Truck?

According to different use conditions and demands, cleaning truck can be mainly divided into:


Vacuum truck: It is an environmental sanitation truck that collects, transfers, cleans and transports sludge and sewage to avoid secondary pollution.


Sweeper truck: It is a new and efficient cleaning equipment integrating road cleaning, garbage recycling and transportation.


Guardrail cleaing truck: It is mainly used for guardrail cleaning, cleaning the deposits of roads, square roads, sewers and pipes, dredging dead corners and mud ditches, cleaning the isolation guardrails of municipal roads, and brushing the walls on both sides of roads.