Truck Tyre Handling Guide

We all know that truck tires are divided into tire with inner tube and tubeless tire. Today, I’d like to explain the steps of loading and unloading tires with inner tubes.


1. Manual removal steps for tire with inner tube

1) The tire should be placed flat on the ground with the valve upward to remove the valve cap and valve core, and the inner tube should be completely deflated;


2) Knock the impact bar along the toe to make the toe of tire fall off;


3) Use a special removal tool to clamp the lock ring, and the other end to jam the rim bolt hole;


4) Insert the lock ring removal rod, remove one end of the lock ring, and pry out the lock ring with the lock ring removal rod;


5) Pay attention to the valve during the disassembly process to prevent the valve from being damaged;


6) Find a small steel ring and press the tire onto the small steel ring, so that the rim and tire can be easily separated;


7) Take out the inner tube and cushion belt and place the components properly.


2. Manual installation steps of tire with inner tube

1) Select appropriate rim and tire, pay attention to the size of rim and tire, and clean rim (Note: foreign matter or rust on rim flange will easily cause tire leakage and tire lip damage).


2) Put the rim flat on the ground, install the lock ring face up, and apply lubricant;


3) Make sure that the inside of the tire is dry and not covered with dust or fine sand, ensure that the valve is installed correctly, and evenly apply talc powder to the inside of the tire;


4) Use a wrench to tighten the screw of the inner tube valve nozzle;


5) Unfold the inner tube carefully, clean the inner tube, fold the valve upward and put it into the outer tube;


6) Remove the valve core with the key of valve core, inflate the inner tube properly to ensure that it is fully expanded in the circumference of the tire, so as to facilitate the installation of the cushion belt;


7) Evenly spread talcum powder on the cushion belt to prevent the inner tube from adhering to the cushion belt during the use of the tire;


8) Install the cushion belt carefully to make it flat and free of wrinkles;


9) With the valve of inner tube facing upward, put the tire on the rim obliquely, and put the valve into the valve slot of the rim;


10) With the help of the crowbar, combine the tire with the rim, and start to circle around the pressure ring from the joint of the lock ring and press the lock ring on the rim;


11) Put the tire in the safety cage to inflate;


12) Install the valve firmly with the special key of valve core;


13) Use a sprinkler to spray water to the valve nozzle assembly, rim flange and tire lip joint to check air tightness, and finally install the valve cap back to the tire valve nozzle and confirm tightening;


14) Clean up the water mark and lubricant on the whole wheel.


Kind reminders

1. It is forbidden to operate the tire when the air pressure is not completely charged;


2. Press the pressure ring with the foot to prevent accidental injury caused by spring during tire construction. If multiple steel rings are constructed at the same time, please place the pressure rings in order to prevent confusion between different pressure rings and wheel hub.


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Well, that’s it for today’s guide on skid loader tires for truck tires with inner tubes.