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Three Row Roller Slewing Bearing

Three Row Roller Slewing Bearing

Three Row Roller Slewing Bearing has three rings with three raceways, so it can bear very high axial, radial and overturning moment at the same time, it is with the biggest load capacity and largest diameter in all type slewing bearings. so for heavy machinery which need large size slewing bearing, this type is usually considered, such as wheel crane, port crane and other mining heavy equipment. SWBTEC can design based on customer’s special requirement and produce accordingly.


Features and Benefits of Three Row Roller Slewing Bearing

The three-row roller slewing bearing is usually large in size and high in price.


It is generally used on heavy machinery that requires a larger diameter. However, once this product has quality problems, the cost of maintenance or replacement is very high.


Therefore, within the specified service life, our manufacturers must ensure that the products do not have any quality problems.


For this reason, our company control the quality from the raw materials. The material recommends customers choose 42CrMo, and it must be quenched and tempered.


During the production process, we will strictly inspect the product clearance and raceway processing to ensure that it is qualified before leaving our factory.