Double Row Ball Slewing Bearing

Double Row Ball Slewing Bearing usually include same size rolling element and different size rolling element. The heavy duty ball bearing turntable is composed with two rows ball which can bear much higher axial, radial and overturning moment that is widely used on heavy equipment, like mining equipment and large crawler crane. As one of the professional slew ring bearing manufacturers, SWBTEC double row slewing bearing has been assembled on many customer’s machine, and have received high reputation from end user, as we can help the end user to maximize their machine and provide timely and effective after-sales service and technical support of the ball bearing swing.


Double Row Ball Slewing Bearing Features and Benefits


SWBTEC recommend customers to choose double-row slewing bearing according to the customer’s requirements for bearing load capacity.


The double row ball slewing bearing can withstand larger axial loads, appropriate radial loads and overturning moments. Compared with three-row slewing bearings, the double row slewing bearing can lower procurement costs for customers.


The three row roller slewing bearing meets the requirements of small size and large load. However, when the eccentricity of the axial load is relatively small, the bearing capacity of the three-row slewing bearing is rich and the cost is relatively high.


Our company engineers have strong product design capabilities, please feel free to contact us if you need double row slewing bearing.


Double Row Ball Slewing Bearing Application


Double row slewing bearing is a kind of slewing bearing which is used on ship cranes. There are generally 4 pieces of slewing bearings on ships to share the loading and unloading operations of the ship, and the service life is generally required to be 6-10 years. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the reliability and durability of the slewing bearings.


The characteristics of marine slewing bearings are high flexibility, and relatively high rotational speed and the load is generally between 15-30 tons, so four-point contact ball bearings are widely used. But what are the design features and advantages of single-row and double-row ball bearings?


First of all, the height of the single row ball slewing bearing should be high, and the steel ball should be 60-70mm to ensure that the bearing capacity is competent and the sealing performance is better. In the early use of the bearing, the application is very high, and the user feedback is good. The characteristic is that the height is high and the steel ball is enlarged, which improves the rigidity and strength of the bearing and is a very good choice.


The double row ball bearing is based on the consideration of flexibility of the slewing bearing, and the structural consideration which increased to reduce the excessive fatigue of the raceway and the steel ball, thereby improving the life and stability of the slewing bearing. The design considerations are perfect, but the application process is flawed, and the raceway force sometimes appears eccentric.


Combining the slewing bearings of the two structures, because the starting points are slightly different, they both have a good and stable record on the ship crane. From the feedback, the advantages and disadvantages are not obvious, and both structures are still good choices. Of course, the price of double-row slewing bearings is significantly higher than that single-row slewing bearings.