Warehousing & Distribution

Warehouse distribution logistics can provide customers with warehousing, transportation, distribution, and packaging. So warehousing and distribution companies provide integrated supply chain solutions and overall logistics services for commercial circulation companies, production companies, etc., to help companies and customers reduce logistics costs and relieve third parties from worries Professional warehousing and logistics services and integrated logistics services for logistics enterprises.




No matter which market sector you are in, efficient distribution and warehousing management and logistics and inventory management are the keys to business success in today’s competitive environment. Therefore, you will seek supply chain partners with good performance to deliver the right products to the right destinations on time and on budget and high-quality third-party warehousing and distribution. Of course, that is just the beginning. Benefit from warehousing and distribution services with the shortening of product life cycles today, shorter time-to-market pressures, and more demanding seasonal inventory establishment, you will understand the urgent need for flexibility and enjoy our reliable distribution and logistics management, physical distribution management, and 3pl warehouse management.


Goals Of Warehousing And Distribution


Provide customers with excellent cargo storage and transportation services in a way that strengthens organizational relationships.


Customer feedback and complaints must be handled in time.



Reduce distribution and warehousing costs to minimize expenses and increase business profitability. Maximize the use of warehouse equipment and personnel.



Through continuous improvement of service quality evaluation, by seeking ways to reduce costs, eliminate inefficiencies and improve customer service quality, identify areas for improvement.


Realhong Warehousing And Distribution Services Include

Bonded and non-bonded warehouse management services




MS Warehouse Management Services Department




RDC supplier inventory management system and warehouse adjustment




Guaranteed channels to ensure the effectiveness of goods, information, and capital flow management




Domestic and international express service




Expedited cargo delivery service (2 hours/4 hours/same day delivery)




24/7 service




Logistics warehousing and distribution solutions consulting service




3pl warehouse service


International warehousing and distribution service


Potential Issues Of Logistics Warehousing And Distribution

1. Theft: Internal and external theft may occur simultaneously.


2. Damage: The way of handling goods, especially fragile goods, may cause damage.


3. Accidents: accidents may also occur in the warehouse, whether it is a minor accident or a fatal accident.


4. Incorrect quantity: The quantity of goods received is less than the order quantity, which may lead to out of stock, which will have a negative impact on sales.


Types of Warehouse Delivery

There are two types of warehouse delivery: real-time delivery and direct delivery.


Real-time uninstallation usually has 1-2 free hours. Sometimes, when the warehouse is particularly busy, you may need to get off the bus. This means that the driver usually completes the unloading after one or two days, then puts it down and picks it up again. Landing is often more expensive than landing on site because it requires the driver to travel twice. On the other hand, if you may be charged for waiting time, lowering the fee may be a more affordable option. If the warehouse simply cannot unload on the same day, then the only option is to drop. For shippers who frequently ship, the drag-and-drop option may be a good choice: drop a container from a different shipment and then pick up another container.