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Very Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking

The selective very narrow aisle pallet racking can choose almost various sizes and load capacities. Durable powder coating and enamel paint can ensure a long service life even under the most demanding conditions, and provide an easy to clean storage rack structure, which is very suitable for food processing environments. Efficient use of warehouse or retail floor space and convenient pallet access make 100% narrow and very narrow aisle racking system of excellent value.


Our employees work directly with your company and project manager to ensure that all your rack specifications are met. Provide installation services, the project is completed on time and on budget.


If your warehousing or storage space is limited, then very narrow aisle pallet racking is your ultimate space saving choice. It provides the maximum storage capacity for your team and allows quick order picking and quick access to each pallet.


The very narrow aisle pallet racking combines multiple functions to maximize space utilization and fast order picking. Compact and efficient, it is a structural setting that can be used in various industries with limited storage space.


Very Narrow Aisle Racking System Customer Cases

Various shelf heights and depths, as well as height-adjustable support beams of the very narrow aisle racking system, can ensure maximum flexibility for upper and lower hands, high lift stackers or upper and lower manual picking stackers.


This narrow and very narrow aisle racking system is very suitable for convenient pallet storage and retrieval, or quick picking of orders directly from pallets. Loading and unloading equipment is usually highly automated and guided by wires or rails.


Very Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking Functions And Advantages As Standard Configurations

Comprehensive and unrestricted access to a single pallet.


Optimize configuration to achieve maximum storage, density and efficiency.


Any additional costs can be offset by increasing the added value of space.