Hdpe 3D Printing


The material of Hdpe plastic 3d printing is high-density polyethylene, which is one of the most difficult materials to print on. It is often used in place of ABS because such prints are lighter and more durable; however, hdpe 3d printing requires higher printing temperatures than the latter and can release unpleasant fumes if the temperature is too high. The natural tendency of HDPE to warp is likely to cause the print to warp if the HDPE shrinks slightly as it cools. In addition, as mentioned earlier, in hdpe plastic 3d printing, it is necessary to make a layer of HDPE/ABS juice on the printing plate.


Hdpe 3D Printing Material Properties


Hardness: 0-100A; 20-160P


Heat resistance: 70-80℃


Low temperature resistance (embrittlement temperature) : -10℃


Molding and temperature: 140-180℃


Toughness: good


Shrinkage rate: 0.8-1.3%


Specific gravity: 1.2 to 1.4


Dielectric constant 60 Hz: 4.2


Color: Choose freely according to the color card


Accuracy: 0.2 mm


Hdpe 3D Printing Material Info

3D Printing Technical Parameters


Printing size: 340x340x200mm;



Print layer thickness: X-axis 42μm, Y-axis 42μm, axis 16μm;



Achieve the accuracy: forming accuracy: ±0.1mm (Ls100mm) or ±0.1%×L (L>100mm)



Late processing:


Rubber series 3D printing material characteristics


Rubber soft rubber 3D printing materials are usually used by MJP3D printing technology and Poyet 3D printing technology. Very suitable for printing soft rubber parts, such as gaskets, pipes, etc. This elastomeric material excels in both flexibility and strength, with amazing elongation and complete elastic memory.


However, Polyjet 3D printing is the only material that can be printed in one go with a combination of hard and soft materials. The rubber material series (Tanq0 series) has A variety of elastic material characteristics, through gradually increasing tensile strength and tear strength to simulate nine Shore A hardness values from shore hardness 27 to Shore hardness 95, and can even print full-color soft rubber materials according to customer requirements.