Aggregate Screens For Sale

The term aggregate generally refers to all types of sand, gravel and crushed stone, which are used in various construction applications and are the product of mines or quarries. Sand and gravel are used to build roads, sidewalks, buildings, factories,  parking lots, walls, roofs, parks, sports fields, landscaping and trails, and many other applications. Industrial sand could be used in the glass manufacturing process, gravel for roofing paper, and additives for paint and stucco. Sand and gravel are naturally occurring, usually in pits, while crushed stone is the product of blasting, crushing and processing of rocks, usually found in quarries.


Multi-functions of Wire Mesh Screen in Aggregate Industry

Raw materials go through many steps before they are sold to end-users. A pile of aggregate has a distribution of particle sizes, ranging from small sands to pebbles 6 inches and higher. The first operation is usually a jaw crusher; two plates are pushed together on a rotating basis to crush large rocks in the deposits. The conveyor belt sends the product to be screened and then resend to the cone crusher for larger particles.


Advantages of Anpeng screen in Aggregates Industry

Clogging ia a common problem in the screening of aggregates especially in gravel and crushed stone screening, because of the anomalous shape and relatively large particle size. In response to the problems of vibrating screens clogging and pegging in applications, Anpeng has developed the self-cleaning screen series, that’s uniquely designed to effectively solve these problems, and greatly increase efficiency.


In the selection of aggregate screens, the nature, and characteristics of materials, should be taken into consideration, tailored and suitable solutions could always improve efficiency and reduce your engineering costs.