Fiber Optic Media Converter

Why Do We Need Fiber Optic Media Converter?

As we all know, CAT5/6 can only cover about 100 meters, for longer distance transmission it’s obviously not enough. Under such circumstances, fiber and media converter devices play  very critical part. By converting Ethernet into fiber optical signal, it extends the distance from 100 meters into 120KM at most. During that process, it keeps stable and instant; and from the ending side, the conversion will be processed again so the ending equipment in the network will be able to function as an Ethernet signal again.  


There are many instances that ethernet media converter copper to fiber optic is necessary or more cost-effective. Sometimes it’s done just to showcase new technology. But whatever the reason, the media converter device makes the conversion has become simple and inexpensive.


Huabo Group supplies three main media converter types, that is, fast media converter, gigabit media converter, and 10gbps media converter.


Benefits of Fiber Optic Media Converter

Ethernet copper to fiber converter is sometimes the only technical solution. If you are dealing with an environment that has lots of electromagnetic interference (EMI)—such as around heavy machinery, welders, big motors, motor controls, or very high voltage—any copper wiring, even the best-enhanced Category 5 or Category 6 will pick up enough interference to prevent data transfer with low error rates. Fiber is totally dielectric, so it has no EMI pickup. In fact, most high-voltage power transmission lines have fiber optics running down the middle of them.


How Can We Help You with Media Converter Device?

We are dedicated to offering fiber conversion options such as sc fiber media converters, lc fiber media converters, gigabit fiber media converters and so on for you to create a safe and stable network environment. Fiber can be the most economic choice for simple premises networks, too. An all-fiber network does not need traditional telecommunications closets, with their costs for space, power grounds, and air conditioning. A properly designed all-fiber network can be more cost-effective than the usual backbone/horizontal cabling model used with copper.


Currently, we have all the media converter types, including regular LC media converter, LC multimode media converter, LC to e    thernet media converter, FC media converter, regular SC fiber converter, sc to ethernet converter, and ST fiber media converter. These four media converter types can be applied to both multimode and single-mode fiber. ST connector is the abbreviation for straight tip connector. And SC connector of the SC fiber converter is specially designed for data communication. The FC connector is often used in high-vibration environments. While the LC connector of the LC media converter, also known as SFP, is a “latched connector”.


As an original media fiber converter manufacturer, we focus on new product research and quality control since the first day of establishment. Till today, we’ve developed mature product lines that can help our customers to achieve a stable and reliable all-fiber network. We are dedicated to being at your service with the best quality and competitive fiber optic media converter prices. If you want to know our fiber converter price, please leave a message or contact us via [email protected].


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