Anpeng Screening Solutions in Construction Industry

In the construction industry, screening solutions are mainly used to recycle construction materials. Materials used in construction are currently also under review for environmental impact and sustainable manufacturing practices. Under the push for sustainability, concrete and asphalt recycling (RCA, Recycled Concrete Aggregate) has become more and more common since the 1980s. By safely recycling and reusing materials, construction waste is reduced and the pressure on resources is alleviated.


Functions of Wire Mesh Screen in Construction Industry

Anpeng screens are widely used in the recycling of Crushed asphalt and concrete fragments from old construction projects that have been screened, cleaned.


Benefits of screening in Construction

Prevent concrete and asphalt fragments from entering the landfill and prolong its service life


Reduce the pressure on the natural resources used to make new concrete and asphalt


Reduce the cost to production


In general, recycled concrete and asphalt alleviate the impact on the environment