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Some popular neutral paint colors for the kitchen include white, beige, gray and sage. … There’s nothing boring about beige when it comes to kitchens. A color that will instantly warm up a room, it’s a great base for stronger colors or accents, such as deep blues, bright yellows and brass hardware




Beige Door and Decoration

Beige should be generalized between white and camel color, brighter and fresher than camel, more elegant and stable than white, high brightness and low purity, there are many beige substances exist in nature, is a natural color. Beige is a relatively neutral color, the use of the space is very wide, the ground, walls, curtains, furniture, beige door are a lot of beige products, is better to use, not easy to make mistakes color. If the space is dominated by beige, the process of gradually strengthening the brightness and purity of the tonal color is also the process of the rhythm of the space and the tension of the space becomes larger. Beige as a stable and calm bright color, but also has a dull and conservative feeling, with other colors used together, will get better results.


Taboo of decoration with beige door

Beige is an urban color between camel and white, it has the elegance of camel atmosphere, but more than camel a few refreshing; it has the purity of white romantic, but more than white a few warm and noble. In the color family, beige means close to gray, beige has a clean, subtle temperament, so it is best to match it with monochrome, with too many patterns and patterns will destroy the overall sense of beige with.


Decoration skills with beige door

Beige is one of the most relaxing colors for the visual senses. Sofa chairs on the flower petal pattern and wallpaper elements echo processing, accelerating the space temperament. Milk tea-like light and shadow on the floor, chocolate brown coffee table, coffee sugar-like cushions, wrapped in a cheese like sofa, quietly resting here, this is the best interpretation of enjoying the afternoon time. The transparent beige partition cleverly connects the living room with the corridor, and the perspective is more distant. The main tone of the dining room belongs to the more popular coffee color in the neutral color. The coffee color is mild, giving people a warm and elegant visual experience, and is suitable for a large area. The silver tableware, vase and white fruit basket on the dining room table enliven the calm atmosphere of coffee color.


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