Cable Tie Wraps

Reusable cable ties are used to bundle cables and wires to keep them organized and secure. Cable tie wraps are fast tying, good insulation, self-locking fastening, and convenient to use.


The cable wraps/plastic zip tags can be used in electronics factories, bundling internal cables of televisions, computers, etc., fixing internal circuits of lighting, motors, electronic toys, and other products fixing oil pipelines of mechanical equipment fixing cables on ships, packaging, or bundling bicycles and other objects. The hose tie wraps can also be used for strapping items such as agriculture, gardening, and handicrafts. The sticky back zip tie holder consisted of two parts the zip tie and the sticky pad, which has become an object of daily necessities.


As one of the reliable cable tie suppliers, Saichuang a zip tie manufacturer mainly supplies two types of bulk buy cable ties, that is, bulk plastic cable ties and bulk metal zip ties.


Plastic Ties

Reusable plastic cable ties are made of UL approved nylon-66 (Nylon 66) by injection molding, with a fire rating of 94V-2, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, good insulation, resistance to aging, and strong


Nylon Zip Ties

Release Zip Ties


Release Zip Ties

Screw Mount Zip Tie


Metal Zip Ties

The metal tie wrap is made of stainless steel, and it can be used indoors, outdoors, even underground and in harsh environments such as the sea. It has fire resistance, weather resistance, and radiatio…


Sus201/304/316 Stailess Steel Zip Ties

Coated Stainless Steel Zip Tie