MTP®/MPO Harness Cable

MTP®/MPO harness cables are a kind of MTP®/MPO fanout harness cable or breakout cable assembly with one MTP®/MPO connector on one end and multiple single-fiber connectors (LC, SC, FC, etc.) on the other end, designed for data distribution and routing to patch panels. It is used to transition from trunk backbone assemblies to fiber rack systems. The MTP® harness cable is fully configurable, available with a variety of cable and connector combinations. For the hardware and equipment in the same cabinet, the longer MPO cord can provide flexibility at any location, and the branch MTP®/MPO cable can be winded into the vertical cable organizer.


MTP®/MPO Harness Cable Features

Our MPO/MTP harness cable is with low loss performance.


MPO / MTP in 8/12/16/24/32 fibers interfaces for choices.


This MTP/MPO fanout harness cable is available in OS1, OS2, G.657A2, OM3, OM4 Fiber Grades – OM1 and OM2 available upon request.


Option for LSZH, OFNP or OFNR cable jacket.


100% factory terminated and tested.


Pulling eyes are provided as an option to protect the fiber ends during installation.


Save installation and reconfiguration time.




MTP®/MPO Harness Cord Applications

MPO-LC harness cables are dedicated for direct connection between MPO trunk cables and equipment with SFP+ ports via an MPO adapter. Available in polarity A, B or C, these MPO-LC harness cables as well enable connection to SFP+ ports in adjacent racks.


MPO-LC harness cables are compatible with all other MPO module cassette-based systems without any loss of optical performance.


MPO-LC harness cable is typically constructed with a mini cable that features by small diameter, low weight, and low bend radius. In a typical scenario, it’s used to make connections within the same rack or go-between adjacent racks via overhead cabling trays, slots or open ducting systems.


Data Center Interconnect


High-Density Fiber Management


Telecommunication Networks and CATV networks


LAN/WAN Premises




Standards Compliance of MTP®/MPO Harness Cable

TIA/EIA-568.3-D and ISO/IEC 11801;


IEC-61754 & EIA/TIA-604-5;


NFPA 262 or IEC 60332;


EN 50575;


Our MPO/MTP harness cable complies with GR-1435-CORE, GR-2866-CORE, GR-326-CORE;


Our 100g harness cable is compliant to Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS) and REACH SvHC.