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Concentric Cable

Concentric cable is a kind of cable to prevent energy loss. It is divided into copper core cable and aluminum core cable. The voltage is 0.6/1KV.HONREY CABLE can provide you high quality concentric electric cable based on your requirement ,and we also can help you choose the suitable concentric cable based you need, as well as offer you a competitive concentric electric cable price.


What is Concentric Cable Used for?

Concentric cable includes airdac sne cable and useb 90 cable. It is suitable for power transmission under the circumstance of rated AC voltage 0.6/1kV and below, which is required to resist strong electromagnetic interference and lightning strike.


With the concentric cable price being competitive, it is beneficial to improve the quality of power supply. It is conducive to the sensitive action of the automatic protection device in the case of short circuit to ensure the safety of cable related equipment.