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Civic Utility Truck

Manten Group civic utility truck series include flatbed tow truck, recovery truck, fire fighting truck, workshop truck, aerial platform truck. etc The scope of application of this type of vehicle is very wide, is mainly for fire fighting, emergency rescue, road clearance, maintenance, aerial work in the city. Mainly purchased by government units, enterprises, fire brigade, factories and other institutions. Our vehicles are gradually becoming intelligent. From the perspective of safety, convenience and humanization, some intelligent devices are installed in the system, such as remote control system, agency security alarm system, and emergency rescue system.

Advantages Of Manten Civic Utility Truck

Manten truck all plates and structural parts have been primed, and metal structural parts have been phosphating before assembly, which is resistant to salt spray for more than 800 hours, has strong anti-rust ability, and effectively prolongs the service life of components. The hydraulic steel pipe that affects the reliability of the hydraulic system is specially treated, which effectively ensures the stability of the entire hydraulic system. Beautiful appearance, which not only guarantees performance requirements but also guarantees strength requirements