Two-Way Anti-Seismic Support Hanger

By implementing seismic fortification of the electromechanical pipelines and equipment inside the building, a seismic support facility with seismic force as the main load is installed between the building structure and the electromechanical pipelines and equipment. When an earthquake with seismic fortification intensity in the region occurs, it can reduce earthquake damage, ensure the normal operation of internal mechanical and electrical equipment, reduce and prevent secondary disasters as much as possible, thereby achieving the purpose of reducing casualties and property losses.


Features of Two-Way Anti-Seismic Support Hanger

Factory prefabricated and on-site assembly.


Various structural types.


Material customization.


Convenient and fast construction


Application of Two-Way Anti-Seismic Support Hanger


Mainly used in mechanical and electrical facilities such as building water supply and drainage, fire protection, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, gas, heat, strong and weak electricity, etc.