Tuned Mass Damper


A tuned mass damping (vibration) device is composed of mass, spring and damping system. When applied, the natural frequency of the device is adjusted near the frequency of the main structure to change the resonance characteristics of the structure, so as to achieve the effect of damping (vibration). It is a kind of device to deal with the wind-induced vibration in the super high-rise building, reduce the acceleration and the sloshing amplitude of the building in the strong wind, and improve the comfort of the personnel in the building.


Features of Tuned Mass Damper

High performance-price ratio


The damping effect is obvious.


Two-way positioning device to prevent runaway or overturning


The service life is the same as that of the architectural design


Application of Tuned Mass Damper

It is mainly used in vibration control of footbridges, collapse structures, wind power towers and high-rise and high-rise structures.