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A highway guardrail roll forming machine or a crash guard roll forming machine produced by the most common profile wave guardrail used in highway construction. Based on the transmission, we can design different types of machines, chain brackets, highway guardrail forming machines, molding machine gearboxes, crash barrier railings.


Detail of the Duardrail Roll Forming Machine


D coiler with 3 tons of cover.


50 tons of punching machine


entrance door


The roll forming line has 16 stations, 6 gearboxes and 20 H.P.


Hydraulic control panel


Cutting device (Hydro.)


Guided raw material charge (metal sheet is introduced into the first forming station) – leveling – stamping – forming – hydraulic cutting – collection table


Highway Guardrail Roll C Purlin Forming Machine

Highway Guardrail Roll C Purlin Forming MachineFind out more

Guardrail Roll Forming Machine Description


Fences are widely used in our production and life, with garden fences, road fences, municipal fences and more. Currently, private villas and courtyard fences are popular in many cities. It consists of three parts: a fence board, a cross-belt board and a fence post. The height is generally between 0.5 and 2 meters. Different shapes, generally with decoration and simple protection as the main installation purpose, very popular in Europe and America.


A crash barrier or guardrail is an obstacle on the road designed to prevent the vehicle from leaving the road to improve road safety. The automatic guardrail rolling forming line can produce 2 and 3 wave guardrails according to customer requirements.


Highway guardrail roll forming machines are designed to produce w-shaped guardrails with 2 or 3 waves placed on either side of a highway or highway.


Main Feature of Guardrail Roll Forming Machine


The structure is simple and the appearance of the machine is beautiful because we use the overall shape steel structure and process after welding. It has a powerful loading capacity and stable operation when running the machine.


All parts of the machine are from well-known brands to ensure the normal operation of the machine.


It adopts automatic length fixed forming cutting to ensure the length is accurate, the finished product is clear and does not deform.


Installation of the equipment is very easy and suitable for production at the factory.


The machine has the characteristics of low noise and high efficiency.