Electronic Communication

Accelerating Electronic Communication In Rapid Prototyping And Custom Manufacturing


Electronic communication devices encompass an impressive array of goods that make our daily life easier and more convenient. Many of these products need to be with great performance, good durability, lightweight. LC Rapid provides rapid prototyping and rapid tooling services to leading electronic communication companies. We produce components, extruded aluminum heatsink and aluminium profile connectors from an array of materials for all phases of the product life cycle which ensure clients are competitive in such rapidly changing market.


What Materials are Suitable in Electronic Communication Industry?


ABS is widely used in electronic components mostly for it’s reliability, low cost, and good performance. It has been seen in components such as electronic enclosures and wearable devices.



Aluminum is often used for its excellent malleability((the ability to be shaped and processed), high strength, and low weight. Aluminum goes into components such as enclosures, chassis, brackets by using sheet metal fabrication.



Elastomer’s main benefit is that is has good impact resistance and flexibility, making it perfect for applications like buttons and handles.



Polycarbonate is one of the most popular thermoplastics because of its extremely good impact resistance, great toughness, dimensional stability and transparency. You will find PC for optically clear products.