Aluminum CNC Machining

AL is one of the most common materials used in CNC machining. Aluminum is highly machinable and relatively inexpensive, making it ideal for CNC machining.


Xintao usually machine it three or even four times faster than other commonly machined materials, such as steel and titanium. Because CNC machining of aluminum can reduce many tools and we only need to change the machining process flow for parts with more complex machining styles.


The Advantages of Using Aluminum For CNC Machining


1. The density of aluminum is very small, only 2.7g/cm³, although it is relatively soft, it can be made into various aluminum alloys, such as hard aluminum, super hard aluminum, rust-proof aluminum, cast aluminum, etc.. These aluminum alloys are widely used in aircraft, automobile, train, ship and other manufacturing industries.


2. Aluminum is second only to silver, copper and gold in terms of electrical conductivity, and the oxide film on the surface of aluminum not only has the ability to resist corrosion, but also has a certain degree of insulation.


3, aluminum surface oxide film not only has the ability to resist corrosion, but also has a certain degree of insulation.


4. Aluminum has good ductility


5. Aluminum has a silver-white luster, which is more beautiful than other materials.


6. The reflection performance of aluminum sheet is also very good, and has the function of sound absorption.


What Are Some Common Applications of Aluminum CNC Machining?


The density of aluminum parts is very small, so it is often used in space rockets, space shuttles, artificial satellites, airplanes, ships and other above.


Aluminum parts have good electrical conductivity, so in the electrical manufacturing industry, wire and cable industry and radio industry has a wide range of uses.


Aluminum parts have good thermal conductivity, commonly used in radiators, exchangers and other precision parts


Aluminum parts are more beautiful, often used in consumer products, such as laser swords, cell phone parts, etc.