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Stereolithography Resin

SLA 3D printing technology is mainly used for product prototyping at the stage of product development.


Ultra RC70

3D Printing Materials

It is the most ABS-like SLA resin


Ultra-RC70 is the most ABS-like material with good surface quality, high tensile strength, izod impact strength, proper elongation, high thermal deformation temperature (69.5℃) and good anti-aging property. All these make Ultra-RC70 the best choice for functional verification and direct manufacturing.


Ultra-RC70 can be well applied to scenes that require high tensile and impact strength, as well as high thermal deformation temperatures. In many cases, it has the great potential to replace the engineering plastic ABS and can be used to directly print the accessories for end-use applications.


Ultra-RC70 3D Printer Material Properties Data

General Properties


Opaque Light Grey


563 cps (30°C)


1.05 g/cm³ (25°C)

Mechanical Properties

Flexural Strength

72 Mpa

Flexural Modulus

1950 Mpa

Shore D

85 D.