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HJT Solar Cell


Extremely low temperature coefficient, No LID & PID.


Huasun HJT solar cell was made of ultra-thin N-type silicon wafer which employs SMBB and μc-Si technology. The maximum efficiency has reached 25.61% in mass prodution, and there is a clear path of efficiency improvement with huge potential.


Himalaya HJT Solar Cell

M6-12BB HJT Solar Cell

Thickness: 130土14μm


Max. Power of Single Piece: 6.80W


Max. Efficiency: 24.8%


G12-15BB HJT Solar Cell

Thickness: 130土20μm


Max. Power of Full Piece: 11.28W


Max. Efficiency: 25.6%


Characteristics of Huasun HJT Solar Cell

Higher Cell Efficiency

HJT cell uses α-Si thin-film as passivation materials to reduce the loss caused by the migration, which increases the open circuit voltage to 750mV.


Natural Symmertrical Bifacial Structure

Up to 95% bifaciality faciliates more sunlight to be captured and converted into power on the backside.


Superior Temperature Coefficient

The temperature coefficient of Huasun HJT himalaya cell is -0.26%/℃, which ensures more power output in high temperature environment.


SMBB Technology

Minimize the path of flowing current and lower resistance-related power losses, further improving cell efficiency.