• $2000

Smart + Automatic System Hanging LED Screen

ONUMEN Smart Series & Automatic System

ONUMEN Smart series & automatic system is a creative solution integrating indoor foldable LED display and automatic lifting and lowering system.


Thin and light, the 360° foldable LED display features remote lifting and lowering, easy storage and hanging installation.


With the electric lifting and lowering device, creative screens can be easily realized for a more desirable viewing experience


Smart + Automatic System Hanging LED Screen Video Show

Remote Control LED Display Highlights

Module size: 250mm * 250mm.


360° foldable.


For indoor use IP43 rating.


Automatic folding and unfolding through the motor and tray.


Improved space efficiency and quick installation.


Prior service with no need for maintenance access.


Thin and foldable, enabling safety excellence and minimal impact in case of dropping.