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Natural Plant Based Extracts

As a professional plant extracts supplier/company, Kindarco supplies different types of crude plant extracts including Citrus Aurantium extract, Sophora Japonica extract, and other plant based extracts. After years of development and endeavours, Chengdu Kindarco Bio-tech Co., Ltd continually provides different types of plant extracts with high quality and production solutions to our esteemed customers. Safe and steady quality natural plant extracts to the pharmaceutical, food, health-care and cosmetics industries. Among them, medicinal plant extracts recently have been welcomed in the market.


Chengdu Kindarco, as one of herbal extraction companies, will always regard the quality policy of “quality creates value, hygiene guarantees health, service returns customer, satisfaction promotes development” as purpose, and take delight in cooperation and development together with our partners all over the world. Through tireless efforts of our R&D team, we have achieved great progresses in the field of bioactive plant extracts. We are going forward to make more purified plant extracts and devote more contribution to human health. If you want to buy plant extracts, please contact us!


In our company, there are three main types of plant extracts, including citrus aurantium fructus extract, sophora japonica flower extract and other plant extracts. Let’s learn more about the three types of natural plant extracts.


FAQs of Plant Based Extracts

What are Plant Extracts?

In fact, plant extract powder is using plants as raw materials, which benefits for our health. There are also esixt some plant extracts used in cosmetics and soaps. According to the needs of the use of the final product extracted, through the physical and chemical extraction and separation process, one or more effective ingredients in the plant are directionally obtained and concentrated without changing the structure of the effective ingredients.


There are existing various kinds of plant extracts products, including baicalein supplements, hesperetin laurate supplements and so on.


How are Plant Extracts Made?

The process of obtaining green plants extracts mainly adopts enzymolysis extraction method. The enzymolysis extraction process is divided into 4 categories: water phase enzymolysis method, water phase enzymolysis organic solvent, low moisture enzymatic hydrolysis and low moisture enzymolysis solvent extraction process. If you want to know more details about pure natural plant extracts, you can find out plant extracts pdf or ppt on our website, and download plant extracts ppt or pdf.


How to Store or Preserve Plant Extracts?

Store the plant based extracts at room temperature and seal away from light.