Quantitative Lipidomics for Plants


Metware Biotechnology uses Widely Targeted Metabolomics technology to build a database specific for plant lipids and performs qualitative analysis from the mass spectrometry data of many biological materials, followed by absolute quantification using QqQ and  MRM to provide a comprehensive analysis of lipids in plant samples. This process is applicable to many plant research questions in growth and development as well as stress response.


Technology Introduction of Quantitative Lipidomics Service for Plants

A class of organic compounds known as lipids are easily soluble in non-polar solvents but insoluble in water. The lipidome, as a subtype of metabolome, focuses on annotating and quantifying lipids in samples in order to understand their functions in plant growth and development. Important cellular processes, such as material transport, energy metabolism, information transfer, and metabolic regulation, all depend on lipids. With the help of Widely Targeted Metabolomics and a specific database of more than 2500 plant lipids, our Quantitative Lipidomics Service for Plants allows high throughput analysis of plant lipids in all types of plant materials.