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Solar Power Station

Solar Power Station, also can be called a solar power plant /photovoltaic power plant /photovoltaic power station, is a large-scale grid-connected solar power system. It will power connected loads directly and if the power generated from this system is not enough to run all connected loads, the system will switch to connect to the utility grid to get electricity.


Sunworth offers solar cell system of good quality. However, if the electricity is surplus for connected loads, the surplus power will be sold to the utility grid. Sunworth can design solar cell power plants to be of various sizes and functions, according to clients’ requirements.


Key Features Of Sunworth Solar Energy Power Station

Different configurations can be designed according to customers’ needs.

High-efficiency Sunwoth concentrated solar power system.

Make extra profits making use of the empty roofs, yards, etc.

Protect the environment and save nonrenewable resources.

Pvivate and autonomous solar plant manufacturer.


Sunworth provides different types of concentrated solar power plants both for home and commercial use, which is a good solar power solution for them. The solar energy plant for the home such as home off grid power systems produced by Sunworth includes the small scale solar power plant, the mini grid solar power plant, the rooftop solar power plant, etc. Our off grid connected solar power plant runs well. And if you want to know the rooftop solar plant cost, you can send us an email. If you are a solar power plant company, we can also provide solar panels or solar systems for you at a low price. Sunworth has established a long-term cooperative relationship with some industrial solar power plants and commercial solar power plants around the world.


FAQ of Sunworth Solar Power Plants

1. Is there any maintenance needed for the installed solar energy plant?

Almost no maintenance is needed for the system. What needs to pay attention to is to use the battery following the user manual. Using the battery in a healthy way will keep a much longer life of the battery.


2. Where should I install the solar power plant?

Solar power plants should be installed in any shadow-free area, where the solar modules could get the sunlight directly without any disturbance. The larger the solar PV power plant, the large area is needed.


3. How should I start a solar photovoltaic power plant?

Procedures of finishing a PV power plant: Choose and confirm installing location and grid connection point; infrastructure(road and security preparation); order and ship solar equipment; mounting and installation (support structures mounting; solar panels, controller, inverter, and monitoring system installation).